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EXCLUSIVE Watch the exclusive video interview with N.M Gwynne here.


The hottest book on grammar at the moment is Gwynne's Grammar, published in spring 2013 by ebury press.

NM Gwynne went to Eton and Oxford and pursued a carreer in business. Now aged 70 he



EXCLUSIVE Watch the exclusive video interview with N.M Gwynne here.

Bill Walsh

A blogger since 1995 and an author of books about English since 2000, Bill Walsh of The Washington Post about himself, being a copy editor, his books and a few aspects of English usage.

He kindly agreed to speak to whichenglish.com in an exclusive interview.

David Crystal

whichenglish.com interviewed the linguist David Crystal at his home in Holyhead, a small town on the north-eastern tip of Wales best known for being a ferry port for ships to Ireland. The extensive articles are split into several sections that can be read sunsecutively or individually.

Part One
David Crystal: chance beginnings.
David Crystal talks about his early career and how he ended up back in Holyhead.

Part Two
David Crystal: two sides and many different worlds.
David Crystal talks about how he developed an internet search tool "smarter" than google's.

Part Three
David Crystal: authorship and a life spent travelling.
David Crystal

Part Four
David Crystal: the nuts and bolts of the English language.
David Crystal talks about the state of English, about literacy levels and texting, as well as the future of globalised English.

whichenglish.com will bring you more interviews this year.