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Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English
1756 – online edition

Welcome to the first online edition of the original dictionary published by Dr Samuel Johnson.


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Dr Samuel Johnson's complete Dictionary of the English Language (1755).

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The first dictionary published in 1755 was a large, two-volume folio edition and it sold relatively slowly because of its price. The publishers realised that a smaller, abridged version (also in two volumes) would be cheaper and more acessible. Johnson himself did the work of cutting it down by removing the literary quotations and shortening some definitions, as well as adding a new introduction aimed at the "common reader". He also removed many "barbarous words and phrases" to make it more palatable and took the opportunity to make several corrections to spelling. This became the 1756 edition, which is featured on this site.


Johnson's Dictionary 1755

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Johnson's Dictionary 1755

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