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American English to British English: Letter H


Half note Minim
Hamburger meat/Ground meat Mince (meat)
Handicapped SAME Handicapped
Handicapping SAME Handicapping
Harbor Harbour
Hardware store Ironmonger
Harmonica Mouthorgan
harmonizable Harmonisable
Harmonization Harmonisation
Harmonize Harmonise
Harmonizing Harmonising
Haulier Hauler
Headed Heading
Headlamp Headlight
Heavy cream Double cream
Heavy railway freight car Goods wagon

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Hema- Haema-
Hemo- Haemo-
Hemoglobin Haemoglobin
Hemorrhage Haemorrhage
Hex Cast a spell on
Hickey Lovebite
Hideaway Sofa-bed
High school Secondary school
Highway (East US) Motorway
Hog Pig
Holiday (public ~) Bank Holiday
Homely (ugly) Homely (pleasant)
Homeopath Homoeopath
Homogenize Homogenise
Homogenous Homogeneous
Homolog Homologue
Honor Honour
Honorific Honorific
Hood Bonnet
Hooker Prostitute
Hospitalize Hospitalise
Hosteler Hosteller
Hotchpotch Hodgepodge

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House call/House call charge Call-out fee
Housebreak House train
Housebroken House trained
Housewares Hardware
Humanize Humanise
Humor Humour
Humored Humoured
Humoring Humouring
Humorous Humorous
Hunting = shoot wild animals Hunting = fox hunting
Hunting Shooting = hunt wild animals
Hutch Display cabinet
Hypnotize Hypnotise
Hypothesize Hypothesise


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