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British English to American English: Letter L


Label  Tag
Labelled Labeled
Labelling Labeling
Labels Labels
Laborious Laborious
Labour  Labor
Lacklustre Lackluster
Ladder (in stockings) Run (in stockings)
Ladybird Ladybug
Lamp post Street lamp
Landmine land mine
Larder  Pantry
Largesse Largess
Lasagne  Lasagna
Laundrette Laundromat
Lavatory  Bathroom
Layabout = lazy person
Lay-by (road)  Pull-off (road)
Lawyer Attorney
Lead Lead, led, has led
Lead (dog ~) Leash (dog ~)
Leader (~ article) Editorial (~ article)
Leader & opinion page Op Ed page
Leapt Leaped

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Lean, Leant, Leant  Lean, Leaned, Leaned
Learn, learnt, learnt Learn, learned, learned
Leaving party (infml. leaving do) Farewell party
Lecturer Assistant Professor
Left luggage room  Baggage room
Legalise Legalize
Legitimise Legitimize
Lemon squash Lemon soda
Let/Let out (property) Rent/Rent out (property)
Letter box Mail box
Leukaemia Leukemia
Levels Levels
Level crossing  Grade crossing
Levelled Leveled
Leveller Leveler
Levelling Leveling
Libelled Libeled
Libelling Libeling
Libellous Libelous
Liberalisation Liberalization
Liberalise Liberalize
Licence (noun)  License
License/Licensed (v.)  License/licensed (v.)

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Lich??? Lych???
Lie-in = sleep in
Life assurance =
Life jacket Life preserver
Lift  Elevator
Light fitting Light fixture
Lightening conductor Lightening rod
Likeable  Likable
Limited  Incorporated
Limited Company (Ltd) Incorporated Company (Inc. Corp.)
Lintol Lintel
Lip balm Chapstick ™
Liquefy  Liquify?
Liquorice  Licorice
Liquorice Allsorts =
Lissom  Lissome
Litre  Liter
Liver sausage  Liverwurst
Loads Stacks
Lodgement Lodgment
Lodger  Roomer
Localise Localize
Lollipop man crossing guard
Lonely Lonesome (occasionally)
Long jump Broad jump
Loo = bathroom
Lorry  Truck
Lossmaker =
Lossmaking =
Lost property  Lost and found

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Loudhailer Bullhorn
Lounge room  Living room
Louvre Louver
Lovebite Hickey
Ltd Ltd.
Ltd (company) Inc. (company)
Lucky dip Grab bag
Luggage = full travel bags Baggage = full travel bags
Luggage US Luggage = suitcases, backpacks (empty)
Lumber  Timber
Lumberjack  Logger
Lustre Luster


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