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British English to American English: Letter N


Nail varnish Nail polish
Naff = corny, cheesy
Nappy  Diaper
Nark Narc
Nasty Mean
Nationalise Nationalize
Naturalise Naturalize
Neat (drink)  Straight
Neighbour  Neighbor
Net silk Thrown silk
Neurone Neuron
Neutralise Neytralize
Newsagent  News stand/Newsdealer
Newsreader Anchorman/news presenter

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Nib = pen point
Nightdress Nightgown
Nil zero/zilch
Nissen hut Quonset hut
Nitre Niter
Non-defining nondefining
Nonillion = AE number equal to 10pwr30 / BE equal 10pwr54
Non-issue = a matter no real significance or not as important as thought
Non-judgemental Nonjudgmental
Non-U =
Nought  Zero
Noughts and crosses (game) Tic-tac-toe
Normal Regular
Normalise Normalize
Normality Normalcy
Northwards Northward
Notarise Notarize
Note [£10 ~/$10 ~] Bill [£10 ~/$10 ~]

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Notepad Scratchpad
Noticeable Noticeable
Noticeboard Bulletin board
Novemdecillion BE n+114 zeros Novemdecillion AE n+60 zeros
Number plate  License plate
Nursery Kindergarten
a nurse wit no full qualification = AE practical nurse


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