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British English to American English: Letter U


Undecillion BE n+66 zeros Undecillion AE n+36 zeros
Undercarriage Landing gear
Undercut fillet/tenderloin of beef
Underground  Subway
Undergraduate (1st year ~)  Freshman
Undergraduate (2nd year ~)  Sophomore
Undergraduate (3rd year ~)  Junior
Undergraduate (4th year ~)  Senior
underground belowground
Undertaker Funeral director/mortician

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Undressed timber Timber
Ungradeable Ungradable
Unharmonious Inharmonious
Unionise Unionize
Unofficial strike Wildcat strike
Unparallelled Unparalleled
Unrivalled Unrivaled
Unrivalling Unrivaling
Upper circle  First balcony

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Upwards Upward
Urbanisation Urbanization
Urbanise Urbanize
US U.S./U.S.A.
Useable Usable
Useability Usability
Utilise Utilize





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