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British English to American English: Letter V


v. (abr. versus) vs. (abr. versus)
Vacuum flask Thermos flask
Valour Valor
Valorise Valorize
Valve  Radio tube
Van  Delivery truck
Vandalise Vandalize
Vanilla essence Vanilla extract
Vapour Vapor
Vaporise Vaporize
VAT Sales tax
Velour Velour
Verandah Veranda/porch

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Verbalise Verbalize
Verge (traffic) Shoulder (traffic)
Vet = vetinarian
Vest = undershirt Vest = formal waistcoat
Vice (tool)  Vise (tool)
Victimise Victimize
Victualiser = small food and wine retailer
Vigintillion BE n+120 zeros Vigintillion AE n+63 zeros
Vigour  Vigor
Visualise Visualize
Vitalise Vitalize
Vocalise Vocalize



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