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Welcome to whichenglish.com's English links. Below are some links that are worth getting acquainted with. Some are useful, some are interesting and some are simply awesome. If you feel that your site may be of interest to this growing list, get in touch.


Online English blogs

THE JOY OF ENGLISH: The Joy of English
INKY FOOL: The Inky Fool
GRAMMAR UNDERGROUND: Grammar Underground
COPYEDITING.COM: Copyediting.com
GRAMMAR GIRL: Grammar Girl
EDITOR MARK'S BLOG: Editor Mark's blog
SEPARATED BY A COMMON LANGUAGE: separated by a common language

Online dictionaries and style guides

THE CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE: The Chicago Manual of Style Online
OXFORD DICTIONARIES ONLINE: oxforddictionaries.com

Historical dictionaries online

CAWDREY'S A TABLE ALPHABETICAL (1604): A Table Alphabetical
WEBSTER'S AMERICAN DICTIONARY (1828): American Dictionary 1828
ONLINE ETYMOLOGY DICTIONARY: Online Etymology Dictionary



Prof. David Crystal links: www.davidcrystal.com, http://david-crystal.blogspot.com, www.shakespeareswords.com and www.theshakespeareportal.com.


BUZZ WORDS – by MacMillan Dictionary

If you are interested in new words, you can keep up to date by visiting my own page on new and emerging English words, you can also try Buzz words.







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