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American English to British English: Letter C


cables Cabling
Cafe Café
Cafeteria Canteen
Cajoling Cajolling
Caldron Cauldron
Caliber Calibre
Calico = brightly printed cotton cloth Calico = plain white cotton cloth
calipers Callipers
Calisthenics Callisthenics
Call collect Call reverse charges
Call Ring
Camper/trailer/Mobile home Caravan
Can not Cannot
Can Tin
Canceled Cancelled
Canceler Canceller
Canceling Cancelling
Cancels Cancels
Candidacy Candidature
Candor Candour
Candy apple Toffee apple
Candy store Sweet shop/confectioner

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Candy Sweets
Canonize Canonise
Cantaloupe Cantaloup
Canteen Refectory
Capitalize Capitalise
Capsize Capsise/Capsize
Caravan Convoy
Carburetor Carburettor
Carburetor Carburettor
Cargo compartment Hold
Carnival Fair
Carousel Merry-go-round
Carpenter’s level Spirit level
carryall Holdall
Cart (shopping) Trolley (shopping)
Cash drawer Till
Casket Coffin
Catalog  Catalogue
Cataloged Catalogued
Cataloger Cataloguer
Cataloging Cataloguing
Catalogs Catalogues
Catalyze Catalyse
Categorization Categorisation
Categorize Categorise
Catercorner? Adjacent
Cecitis Caecitis
Cecum Caecum
Cell/cellphone Mobile phone

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Cell/cellular Mobile
Celom Coelom
Cenobite Coenobite
Centennial Centenary
Center/s Centre/s
Centerboard Centreboard
Centerfold Centrefold
Centering Centring
Centerpiece Centrepiece
Centillion AE n+303 zeros Centillion BE n+600 zeros
Centralize Centralise
cesarian/ cesarean Caesarian/Caesarean
Channeler Channeller
Channeling Channelling
Chapstick ™ Lip balm
Characterize Characterise
Charter member Founder member
Cheap wine Plonk
Check (luggage) Deposit (luggage)
Check (restaurant) Bill (restaurant)
Check Check
Check Cheque
Check mark n. Tick n.
Check v. (a box)  Tick v. (a box)
Checker/teller clerk Cashier
Checkered Chequered
Checkers Draughts
Checking account Current account
Checkroom Cloakroom
Checkroom Cloakroom
cheesecloth Butter muslin
Cheesecloth Muslin
Chicken wire Wire netting
Chief executive officer ceo Managing director md
Children’s playground Adventure playground

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Chili Chilli
Chilli con carne Chili con carni
chips (Potato) Crisps
Chiropractor Osteopath/Chiropractor
Cigaret Cigarette
Cilantro Coriander
Cinder block Breeze block
Citation Penalty
Citation Summons
Citrus (adjective) Citrous (adjective)
Civilization Civilisation
Civilize Civilise
Clamor Clamour
Clamorous Clamourous
Client Punter
Clipping (service) Press cutting (service)
Closet Cupboard
Closet Wardrobe
Clothespin Clothes peg
Co- (see hyphenation) Co- (see hyphenation)
Co-worker Workmate
Co. (company) Co (company)
Coach (class) Economy (class)
Collect call Reverse charges
College = non-university degree college
Colonize Colonise
Color Colour
Coloration Coloration
Colored Coloured
Coloring Colouring
Colorization Colorisation
Colorize Colourise
Combating Combatting
Combustible liquid Flammable liquid

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Comforter Quilt
Comforter/large quilt Duvet
Comforter/quilt Eiderdown
Commercialization Commercialisation
Commercialize Commercialise
Commissionaire =
Committee (has) S/P
Committee (has/have) S/P
common stock Ordinary stock
Company (has) S/P Company (has/have) S/P
Compeling Compelling
Complaint form Complaints form
Computerized Computerised
Concession Discount
Connect Put through (a call)
Conservatory/Music school Conservatoire
Consol =
Contour Contour
Controling Controlling
Cook book Cookery book
Cookie Biscuit
Cooperate Co-operate
Cooperation Co-operation
Coordinate Co-ordinate
Coordination Co-ordination
Coowner Co-owner
Copy edit Sub edit
Copyeditor/copy reader Sub-editor
Corn (kernels) Sweet corn (kernels)
Corn Maize
Corn starch Corn flour
Corp. (corporation) Corp (corporation)
Corporation Company
Costume party Fancy dress party

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Cot Camp bed
Cotton candy Candy floss
Cotton swab Cotton bud
Cotton swab Cotton bud
Couch Sofa
Councilor Councillor
Counsel Counsel
Counselable Counsellable
Counseled Counselled
Counseling Counselling
Counselor Counsellor
Counselorship Counsellorship
Counterclockwise  Anti-clockwise
Coupe Coupé
Courtroom Court
Coveralls Boiler suit
Cow pie Cow pat
Cozier Cosier
Coziest Cosiest
Cozily Cosily
Coziness Cosiness
Cozy Cosy
Cozy Cosy
Crackers = fireworks Crackers = xmas crackers
Crawfish Crayfish (freshwater)
Crazy bone Funny bone
Crazy Mad
Crazy/stupid Daft
Cream of wheat Semolina
Credit receipt/slip Credit note
Creek Brook
Creek Stream
Crepe Pancake
Crib Cot
Criminalize Criminalise
Criticize Criticise
Criticizing Criticising
Critter Creature
Crooked (corrupt) Bent (corrupt)

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Cross tie Railway sleeper
Cross-tie, tie Sleeper (railway)
crossing guard Lollipop man
crosswalk Pedestrian crossin
Crosswalk Pedestrian crossing
Crueler, crueller Crueller
Cufflink Sleevelink
Cuffs (pants) Turn-ups (trousers)
Cultural anthropology Social anthropology
Cup cake Fairy cake
Curb Kerb
Curbing Kerbing
Curbstone Kerbstone
Curse Swear
Curtains Drapes
Custom made Made-to-measure
Custom-made Bespoke
Cutlas Cutlass
Cutlery Silverware
Czar Tsar



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