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American English to British English: Letter M


M.S. M.Sc.
Mad Angry
Magnetize Magnetise
Mail *** Post ***
Mail Bag Post bag
Mail box Letter box
Mail man Postman
Mailbox Pillar box
Mailbox Postbox
Mailman Postman
Main street High street
Make a reservation Book v.
Make out Snog (v.)
Mall Shopping centre
Mandatory Compulsory
Maneuver Manoeuvre
Maneuverability Manoeuvrability
Maneuverable Manoeuvrable
Maneuvering Manoeuvring
Marginalize Marginalise

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Marquis Marquess
Marshaled Marshalled
Marshaler Marshaller
Marshaling Marshalling
Marveling Marvelling
Marvelous Marvellous
Marvelously Marvellously
Mashed potatoes  Mashed potato
Mask Masque
Mass transit Public transport
Master of ceremonies Compere
Materialize Materialise
Math Maths
Math Problem Maths problem
Mathematics Mathematics
Matin Mattins
Maximize Maximise
Maybe Perhaps
Meager Meagre
Meagerly Meagrely
Mean Cruel/Nasty

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Mean Nasty
Measure (music) Bar (music)
Meat grinder Mincer
Mechanize Mechanise
Medevac Medivac
Median strip Central reservation
Medical office, Doctor’s office Surgery
Medieval Mediaeval
Meld together Blend together
Melton cloth Admiralty cloth
Memorization Memorisation
Memorize Memorise
Mesmerize Mesmerise
Metabolize Metabolise
Meter Meter (measuring device)
Meter Metre (1m)
Milage Mileage
Milepost Mile marker
Military Armed Forces
Military time 24-hour clock
Miniaturize Miniaturise
Minimize Minimise
Misbehavior Misbehaviour
Misdemeanor Misdemeanour
Misjudgment Misjudgement
Misspell, Misspelled, Misspelled Misspell, Misspelt, Misspelt
Miter Mitre
Mobilize Mobilise
Modeled Modelled
Modeler Modeller
Modeling Modelling
Modernize Modernise
Moisturize Moisturise
Molasses Black treacle

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Molasses Treacle
Mold Mould
Molding Moulding
Moldy Mouldy
Mollusk Mollusc
Molt Moult
Mom Mum
Momentarily = very soon Momentarily = a brief momen
Monetize Monetise
Money order Postal order
Monolog Monologue
Monopolize Monopolise
Moralize Moralise
More often Oftener
Moslem Muslim
Motive Motif
Motorize Motorise
Movable Moveable
Move Move house

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Movie Film
Movies/Movie theater Cinema
Moving company Removal company
Moving van Removal van
Mow, Mowed, Mowed Mow, mowed, mown
Mr. Mr
Mrs. Mrs
Muffler (car) Silencer (car)
Mustache  Moustache
Mystagog Mystagogue
Mythicize Mythicise
Mythologize Mythologise


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