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American English to British English: Letter L


Labeled Labelled
Labeling Labelling
Labels Labels
Labor Labour
Labor union Trade union
Laborious Laborious
Lackluster Lacklustre
Ladybug Ladybird
land mine Landmine
Landing gear Undercarriage
Largess Largesse
Lasagna Lasagne
Last name Surname
Laundromat Laundrette
Lawyer Barrister
Lawyer Solicitor
Lawyer/attorney Solicitor
Layaway/Hire Purchase Instalment plan
Lazy-boy(TM???) Recliner
Lead-up to… Run-up to…
Lead, led, has led Lead
Lean, Leaned, Leaned Lean, Leant, Leant
Leaped Leapt
Learn, learned, learned  Learn, learnt, learnt
Leash (dog ~) Lead (dog ~)

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Legalize Legalise
Legitimize Legitimise
Lemon soda Lemon squash
Leukemia Leukaemia
Leveled Levelled
Leveler Leveller
Leveling Levelling
Levels Levels
Leverage [finance] Gearing [finance]
Liability insurance Third-party insurance
Libeled Libelled
Libeling Libelling
Libelous Libellous
Liberalization Liberalisation
Liberalize Liberalise
License Licence (noun)
License plate Number plate
License/licensed (v.) License/Licensed (v.)
licensed bookmaker Betting shop
Licorice Liquorice
Life preserver Life jacket
Light fixture Light fitting
Lightening rod  Lightening conductor
Likable Likeable
Lima bean Broad bean
Line Queue
Line-up (police ~) Identity/Identification parade

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Lintel Lintol
Liquify? Liquefy
Liquor Alcohol
Liquor Spirits
Liquor store Off licence/wine merchant
Lissome Lissom
Liter Litre
Liverwurst Liver sausage
Living room Lounge room
Living room Sitting room
Lobby Foyer
Localize Localise
Locker room Changing room
Lodgment Lodgement
Logger Lumberjack
Lonesome (occasionally) Lonely
Long ton Gross Tonne
Longwearing Hardwearing
Lost and found Lost property
Lot Plot (of land)
Louver Louvre
Love seat Settee
Low beams Dipped headlights
Low fat milk Semi skimmed milk
Low gear Bottom gear

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Luggage = suitcases, backpacks (empty) Luggage US
Luggage rack Roof rack
Lumber Dressed timber
Lumber Timber
Lumber yard Timber yard/merchants
Luster Lustre
Lych??? Lich???



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