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British English to American English: Letter W


Waggon or wagon  Wagon
Waistcoat  Vest
Warder Prison guard
Wardrobe  Closet
Wash up = pots, pans, dishes Wash up = hands, face, body
Water pistol Squirt gun
Westernise Westernize
Westwards Westward
Wetted Wet
Whilst = UK formal While (Whilst = limited use in the US)
Whinge Whine/complain
Whirr Whir
Whisky Whiskey
Whisky Scotch
White paper = 
Wholemeal Wholewheat
Wilful Willful
Windscreen  Windshield

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Windhover Kestral
Wing (car) Fender (car)
Wire netting Chicken wire
Without doubt Without (a) doubt (not formal)
Womanise Womanize
Woodwork Woodshop
Wool (knitting) Yarn
Woollen  Woolen
Working class Blue collar (worker)
Workmate Co-worker
Work out (something) Figure out (something)
Worshipped Worshiped
Worshipping Worshiping
Write to me Write me


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