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American English to British English: Letter I


Idealize Idealise
Idolize Idolise
Immobilize Immobilise
Immortalize Immortalise
Immunize Immunise
Impanel Empanel
In (college) At (college)
In (people ~ a/the course) On (people ~ a/the course)
In (school) At (school)
In Back of/Behind Behind
Inc. (company) Ltd (company)
Inc. Inc
Inclose Enclose
Incorporated Limited
Incrust Encrust
Individualize Individualise
Indorse Endorse
Industrial park Industrial estate
Industrialization Industrialisation
Industrialize Industrialise
Industrialize Industrialise
Infant Tot
Infectious mononucleosis Glandular fever
Infold Enfold
Information (telephone) Directory Enquiries
Inharmonious Unharmonious

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Initialize Initialise
Inkwell Inkpot
Inning Innings
Inquire = ask Enquire = ask
Inquiries Enquiries
Inquiry Enquiry
Install Instal
Installed Installed
Installment Instalment
Installment plan Hire purchase
Instant replay Action replay
Instead of Rather than
Instill Instil
Institutionalize Institutionalise
Insure Ensure
Insure Ensure
Insure Insure
Intellectualize Intellectualise
Intermission  Interval (theatre)
Internalise Internalise
Internationalization Internationalisation
Internationalize Internationalise

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Investigation/Inqiry Inquiry
Investment bank Merchant bank
Irritable/easily offended Stroppy
IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Inland Revenue
Issue with (not used in US) Issue with (~ new passport)
Italicize Italicise
Itemize Itemise


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