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British English to American English: Letter T


Tabour Tabor
Tailback Traffic jam/back-up
Takeaway Takeout
Take exercise Do exercise
Tantalise Tantalize
Tap  Faucet or tap
Tap (outdoors) Spigot
Tarmac ™ Asphalt
Tea towel Dish towel/rag
Tea trolley  Tea cart
Teat  Nipple on baby bottle
Telegraph pole Telephone pole
Telephone box Telephone booth
Telephone socket Telephone Jack
Temp = temporary worker hired in through an agency
Tenement = rented room/apt Tenement = low-quality apartment building
Tenner = a 10 denomination banknote
Tennis shoes  Sneakers
Term/trimester  Semester
Terrace house Row house
Terraces (sports ground) Bleachers (sports ground)
Terrorise Terrorize
Theatre Theater
Theatregoer Theatergoer
Theorise Theorize
Third-party insurance Liability insurance
Threesome Three-way
Thrive, Thrived, Thrived Thrive, Throve, Thriven

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Through Thru (road signs)
Tick n. Check mark n.
Tick v. (a box) Check v. (a box)
Ticket tout Scalper
Tights  Pantyhose
Till Cash drawer
Timber Lumber
Timber yard/merchants Lumber yard
Time-table  Schedule
Tin  Can
Tingeing Tinging
Tip  Dump
Tipper lorry Dump trunk
Titbit  Tidbit
To Let For Rent
Toll motorway Turnpike
Toffee apple Candy apple
Tomato sauce  Ketchup
Ton = 2,240lb  = 1016.96kg -
Tonne = 1000kg ton/metric ton
Torch  Flashlight
Tot Infant
Totalled Totaled
Totalling Totaling
Toxaemia Toxemia
Toy-Boy =
Trade union Labor union
Train guard Train conductor
Traffic lights  Stop lights/stop signals
Transport Transportation
Transport costs Transportation costs
Tranquillise Tranquilize
Tranquillising Tranquilizing

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Tram Streetcar, trolley
Trapezium Trapezoid
Traumatise Traumatize
Travelled  Traveled
Traveller Traveler
Travelling  Traveling
Treacle Molasses
Treble Triple
Trebling Tripling
Tredecillion BE n+78 zeros Tredecillion AE n+42 zeros
Tremor Tremor
Trillion BE 10pwr18 Trillion 10pwr12
Trivialise Trivialize
Truncheon  Nightstick /billyclub (infml)
Trolley (shopping) Cart (shopping)
Trousers  Pants
Truncheon  Night stick

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Tsar Czar
Tuckshop =
Tumour Tumor
Tunnelled Tuneled
Tunnelling Tunneling
turnover = revenue  turnover = staff leaving
Turn-ups (trousers)  Cuffs (pants)
Twingeing Twinging
Tyrannise Tyrannize
Tyre  Tire
24-hour clock  Military time


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