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American English to British English: Letter P


Pacifier Dummy
Package Parcel/packet
Packages, packs, packs of Packets
Paddle (table tennis) Bat (ping pong)
Pajamas Pyjamas
Pale- Palae-
Paleo- Palaeo-
Paneled Panelled
Paneling Panelling
Panelist Panellist
Panties Pants/knickers
Pantry Larder
Pants Trousers
Pantyhose Tights
Paper route Paper round
Parade/Street carnival Carnival
Parallel Parallel
Paralleled Parallelled
Paralleling Parallelling
Paralyze Paralyse
parceled Parcelled
Parceling Parcelling
Parentheses Brackets

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Parka Anorak
Parking lot Car park
Parking stall Parking bay
Parkland Common
Parlor Parlour
Parquet (theater) Orchestra pit
Party congress Party conference
Party tent Marquee
Pass Overtake
Pass-book Bank-book*
Pasteurize Pasteurise
Patrolman/officer Constable
Patronize Patronise
Peavey/peavy Cant hook
Pedagog Pedagogue
Peddler Pedlar
Peddler Pedlar
Pedestrian crossing/crosswalk Zebra crossing
Pediatrician Paediatrician
Pediatrics Paediatrics
Pedophile Paedophile
Peek Peep
Peek show Peep show
Penalize Penalise
Penitentiary Prison
Percent  Per cent
Percentage Percentage
Period Full stop/Full point
Personalize Personalise
Pharmacist Chemist
Phenobarbital Phenobarbitone

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Philter Philtre
Photolyze Photolyse
Photosynthesize Photosynthesise
Pimiento Pimento
Pinchers Pincers
Pint = 28.87 cu in Pint = 34.68 cubic in
Pipes #Piping
Pit (fruit) Stone (fruit)
Pitcher Jug
Plagiarize Plagiarise
Plastic wrap Clingfilm
Pled  Pleaded
Plexiglass Perspex
Pliers Plyers
Plow Plough
Pluralize Pluralise
Pocketbook/purse Handbag
Points Marks
Polarize Polarise
Polemize Polemise
Politicize Politicise
Polyethylene Polythene
Popsicle Iced lolly
Popularized Popularised
Porterhouse steak Sirloin steak

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Postilion Postillion
Potholders Oven mitts
Potted plant Pot plant
Pound (sign) = # Hash (sign) = #
Powdered sugar Icing sugar
Practice Practise (noun)
Practise Practice (verb)
Preacher Minister
Precinct District
Prejudgment Prejudgement
Prejudgmental Prejudgemental
Prenatal Ante-natal
Prerelease Pre-release
President/Dean (college) Principal (college)
Press (is/has) S/P Press (is/are/has/have) S/P
Pressurize Pressurise
Pretense Pretence
Principal (school ~) Headmaster/Headmistress
Prioritize Prioritise
Prison guard Warder
Private school Public/private school
Private school/Prep School Public school
Privatization Privatisation
Privatize Privatise
Prize n. Prize n.
Prize v. Prise v.
Proctor Invigilator
Professor = senior teacher/lecturer Professor = senior academic
Program (v. ~ a computer) Program (v. ~ a computer)
Program Programme (n.)
Programed Programmed
Programing Programming
Programs Programmes
Project Estate
Prolog Prologue
Prologed Prologued
Prologing Prologuing
Prologize Prologuise
Prologs Prologues

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Propel Propel
Propelled??? Propelled
Propelling Propelling
Proven (past tense: prove) Proved (past tense: prove)
Pruning shears Secateurs
Pubic Lice Crabs
Public (the ~ has) S/P Public (the ~ have/has) S/P
Public holiday Bank holiday
Public school State school
Publicize Publicise
Publicly traded company Plc
Pull-off (road) Lay-by (road)
Pummeled Pummelled
Pummeling Pummelling

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Pupil = private pupil (lessons) Pupil = kid/s at school
Purse = handbag/larger wallet Purse = small female wallet
Push up Press-up
Putter about Potter about
Pvt. (army) Pte. (army)
Pygmy Pigmy


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