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British English to American English: Letter M


Mack  Rain coat
Mackintosh  Rain coat
Mad Crazy
Made-to-measure Custom made
Magnetise Magnetize
Main course Entrée
Maisonette =
Maize Corn
Managing director md Chief executive officer ceo
Mange tout Sweetpea/sugarsnap/snowpea
Manoeuvrable Maneuverable
Manoeuvrability Maneuverability
Manoeuvre  Maneuver
Manoeuvring Maneuvering
Marginalise Marginalize
Marks Points
Marrow  Squash
Marvelling Marveling
Marvellous Marvelous
Marvellously Marvelously
Marquee Party tent
Marquess Marquis

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Marshalled Marshaled
Marshaller Marshaler
Marshalling Marshaling
Mashed potato Mashed potatoes
Masque Mask
Match (football ~) Game (football ~)
Materialise Materialize
Maths Math
Maths problem Math Problem
Mathematics Mathematics
Mattins Matin
Maximise Maximize
Meagre Meager Meagerness
Meagrely  Meagerly
Mean Stingy/Tight with money
Mechanise Mechanize
Mediaeval Medieval
Medivac Medevac
Medium quarto = size of book format (24x30cm) 91/2 x 12 in
Meet With (meet ~)
Megaphone/loud-hailer Bullhorn
Mercer =
Merry-go-round Carousel
Memorise  Memorize
Memorisation Memorization
Mend Repair
Mend something Fix something
Merchant bank  Investment bank
Mesmerise Mesmerize
Metabolise Metabolize
Meter (measuring device) Meter
Methylated spirits  Denatured spirits
Metre (1m) Meter
Mezzanine (theatre) Dress Circle (theater)
Microlight (aircraft) Ultralight (aircraft)

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Mileage Milage
Mile marker Milepost
Mileometer  Odometer
Milliard (now billion) n+9 zeros Billion
Mince (meat)  Hamburger meat/Ground meat
Mincer  Meat grinder
Mineral water Soda water
Miniaturise Miniaturize
Mini-cab = taxi that can be ordered but cannot cruise about looking for fares.
Minim Half note
Minimise Minimize
Minister Preacher
Minster =
Misbehaviour Misbehavior
Misdemeanour Misdemeanor
Misjudgement Misjudgment
Misspell, Misspelt, Misspelt Misspell, Misspelled, Misspelled
Mitre Miter
Mobile Cell/cellular
Mobile phone Cell/cellphone
Mobilise Mobilize
Modelled Modeled
Modeller Modeler
Modelling Modeling
Modernise Modernize
Mollusc Mollusk
Moisturise Moisturize
Momentarily = a brief momen Momentarily = very soon
Monetise Monetize
Monologue Monolog
Monopolise Monopolize
Money box = children’s savings tin
Moralise Moralize
Motif Motive
Motorise Motorize
Motorist Driver
Motorway Freeway (West US)
Motorway Highway (East US)
Mould  Mold
Moulding Molding
Mouldy Moldy
Moult Molt
Moustache  Mustache
Mouthorgan Harmonica

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Moveable Movable
Move house Move
Mow, mowed, mown Mow, Mowed, Mowed
Mr Mr.
Mrs Mrs.
M.Sc. M.S.
Mudguard  Fender
Mum  Mom
Muesli  Granola
Music hall Vaudeville
Muslim Moslem
Muslin Cheesecloth
Mystagogue Mystagog
Mythicise Mythicize
Mythologise Mythologize


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