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American English to British English: Letter V


Vacation Holiday
Vacationer Holidaymaker
Vacuum cleaner Hoover ™
Vacuum Hoover ™ v.
Valance Pelmet
Valor Valour
Valorize Valorise
valve Stopcock???
Vandalize Vandalise
Vanilla extract Vanilla essence
Vapor Vapour
Vaporize Vaporise
Vaudeville Music hall
Velour Velour
Veranda/porch Verandah

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Verbalize Verbalise
Vest = formal waistcoat Vest = undershirt
Vest Waistcoat
Vial Phial
Victimize Victimise
Vigintillion AE n+63 zeros Vigintillion BE n+120 zeros
Vigor Vigour
Vise (tool) Vice (tool)
Visiting Nurse District Nurse
Visualize Visualise
Vitalize Vitalise
Vocalize Vocalise
vs. (abr. versus) v. (abr. versus)





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