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British English to American English: Letter R


Racecourse (horses) racetrack
Railway Railroad
Railway carriage Railroad car
Railway line Rail track
Railway point Switch
Railway sleeper Cross tie
Railway station Train station
Rancour  Rancor
Randomise Randomize
Rashers Slices of bacon
Ratal =
Rather than Instead of
Rating = an enlisted Royal naval person
Rationalise Rationalize
Re- (see hyphenation) Re- (see hyphenation)
Reader Associate professor
Reafforestation Reforestation
Realise  Realize
Realisable Realizable
Realisation realization
Re-appoint Reappoint
Reception  Front desk
Receptionist  Desk clerk

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Recliner Lazy-boyTM
Reckon Think
Recognise Recognize
Reconnoitre  Reconnoiter
Redbrick university =
Red pepper Bell pepper
Redundancy pay Severance pay
Redundant Unemployed
Reel (thread) Spool (thread)
Refectory Canteen
Refuelling Refueling
Refuse Garbage
Registry office =
Remand =
Remand home = Borstal
Remodelling Remodeling
Removal company Moving company
Removal van Moving van
Rend, rent, rent Rend, rended, rended
Reorganise Reorganize
Restaurant car Dining Car
Retail trade Retail business
Return ticket  Round-trip ticket
Reverse charges  Collect call
Call reverse charges Call collect
Renegue Renege
Reverse light Back-up light
Revitalise Revitalize
Revolutionise Revolutionize
Rhino Rhinoceros
Ricochetted Ricocheted
Ricochetting Ricocheting

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Rigour  Rigor
Ritualise Ritualize
Ring  Call
Ring road Beltway, loop
Rivalled Rivaled
Rivalling Rivaling
Rivetted Riveted
Rivetting Riveting
Rocket (veg.) arugula, rugola
Romanticise Romanticize
Roof rack Luggage rack
Rosé (wine) Blush (wine)
Rota Roster/schedule
Rouble Ruble
Round (the corner) Around (the corner)
Roundabout  Traffic circle/Rotary
Routeing  Routing
Routinise Routinize
Row Argument/argue
Rowlock Oarlock
Rowing boat Row boat
Rubber  Eraser
Rubbish = waste Trash/Garbage (food waste)
Rucksack Backpack (n.)
Rumour Rumor
Rumbustious Rambunctious
Rumpus Ruckus
Runner bean String bean
Run-up to… Lead-up to…


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