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British English to American English: Letter H


Haberdashery Dry goods store
Haema- Hema-
-haemia -hemia
Haemo- Hemo-
Haemoglobin Hemoglobin
Haemorrhage  Hemorrhage
Hair grip bobby pin
Hall of residence (university) Dormitory (university)
Halls  Dorms
Handbag  Pocketbook/purse
Handicapped Handicapped SAME
Handicapping Handicapping SAME
Harbour  Harbor
Hardware  Housewares
Hardwearing Longwearing
Harmonisable harmonizable
Harmonisation Harmonization
Harmonise Harmonize
Harmonising Harmonizing
Hash (sign) = #  Pound (sign) = #
Hauler Haulier
Have (a swim, walk etc) Take (a swim, walk etc)
Haven’t got (~ n.) Stl. Do not/Don’t have (~ n.) Stl.
Have you got…? Do you have…?
Heading Headed
Headlight Headlamp
Headmaster/Headmistress  Principal (school ~)
Hemidemisemiquaver Sixty-fourth note
Hessian Burlap
High street Main street
Hire a car Rent a car
Hire cars Rental cars
Hire purchase  Installment plan

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Hoarding Billboard
Hob Stovetop
Hock = a type of German wine
Hodgepodge Hotchpotch
Hog Greedy
Hold?? Ahold
Hold Cargo compartment
Holdall carryall
Holiday  Vacation
Holidaymaker Vacationer
Homely (pleasant)  Homely (ugly)
Homoeopath Homeopath
Homogeneous Homogenous
Homogenise Homogenize
Homologue Homolog
Honorific Honorific
Honour  Honor
Hooter  Nose
Hoover ™ v. Vacuum
Hoover ™ Vacuum cleaner
Hosepipe Garden hose
Hosiery Stockings and socks
Hospitalise Hospitalize
Hosteller Hosteler
Hot pot =
House train Housebreak
House trained Housebroken
Housing estate  Sub-division

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Humanise Humanize
Humorous Humorous
Humour  Humor
Humoured Humored
Humouring Humoring
Hunting = fox hunting Hunting = shoot wild animals
Hypnotise Hypnotize
Hypothesise Hypothesize


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