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British English to American English: Letter G


Gallicise Gallicize
Galvanise Galvanize
Gangmaster =
Gaol Jail
Garden  Yard
Garrotte Garrote
Gasolene Gasoline
Gaiety Gayety
Gauge  Gage
Gazump =
Bearbox Transmission
Gearing [finance] Leverage [finance]
Gear lever Gearshift
Gear stick Shiftstick
Gelatine Gelatin
Generalisation Generalization
Generalise Generalize
Get, Got, Got Get, Got, Gotten
Gift Voucher Gift Certificate
Gipsy Gypsy
Girl guide Girl scout
Glamour  Glamour (also glamor)
Glandular fever Infectious mononucleosis
Glasshouse Greenhouse

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Glueing Gluing
Glycerine Glycerin
Goalkeeper Goaltender
Go/Going (grey/stale) Stl. Turning (grey/stale) Stl. [rarely ‘go’]
Goitre Goiter
Gone missing Disappeared
Gonorrhoea  Gonorrhea
Goods  Freight
Goods lift Freight elevator
Goods train Freight train
Goods truck  Freight truck
Goods wagon Heavy railway freight car
Goods yard Railway freight yard
Goose pimples  Goose bumps
Gospeller Gospeler
Got (past participle) Gotten (past participle)
Government (has/have) S/P Government (has) S/P
Government Administration
Gradeable Gradable
Graduand =
Graduate Alumnus
Graeco- Greco-
Gramme Gram
Grandad Granddad
Grannie Granny
Granny flat =
Grazier =
Green Bean Stringbean
Greengrocer =
Green paper =
Green pepper  Bell pepper
Green fingers  Green thumb

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Grey  Gray
Grill (verb)  Broil (v.)
Gross Tonne Long ton
Ground floor  First floor
Gruelling Grueling
Guerilla Guerrilla
Guide dog Seeing Eye dog
Gybe Jibe
Gynaecology  Gynecology


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