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American English to British English: Letter D


Daftsman Draughtsman
Daycare Crèche
Daylight saving Summer time
Dead end (street) Close (street)
Dead end Cul-de-sac
Decillion = AE The cardinal number equal to 10pwr33 / BE 10pwr1060
Deck of cards
Pack of cards
Decorator Interior designer
Deductible (insurance) Excess (insurance)
Deep freeze Freezer
Defense Defence
Defenseless Defenceless
Defrost (car) De-ice (car)
Deliver on a promise Keep a promise
Delivery truck Van
Deluxe De luxe
Demagog Demagogue
Demeanor Demeanour
Demoralize Demoralise
Denatured spirits Methylated spirits
Denizen = a foreigner granted residency rights or citizenship
Dependents Dependants
Deputize Deputise
Desk clerk Receptionist

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Dessert Pudding
Detour Detour
Detour Diversion
Devour Devour
Diabase Dolerite
Dial tone Dialling tone
Dialed Dialled
Dialing Dialling
Dialogue/Dialog Dialogue
Dials Dials
Diaper Nappy
Diarrhea Diarrhoea
Dietitian Dietician
Dieresis Diaeresis
Different than Different (from) [written]
Different than Different (from/to) [spoken]
Digitize Digitise
Dining Car Restaurant car
Disappeared Gone missing
Discolor Discolour
Discount Concession
Disfavor Disfavour
Dish towel/rag Tea towel
Disheveled Dishevelled

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Dishonor Dishonour
Dishrag Dishcloth
Disk (computer ~) Disk (computer ~)
Disk (flat, round, paper) Disc (flat, round, paper)
Disorganize Disorganise
Disorganized Disorganised
Dispatch Dispatch or despatch
Distill Distil
Distiller Distiller
District attorney Public prosecutor
Dive, dove, dived Dive, dived, dived
Divided/Dual highway Dual carriageway
Do exercise Take exercise
Do not/Don’t have (~ n.) Stl. Haven’t got (~ n.) Stl.
Do you have…? Have you got…?
Doghouse Dog kennel
Dollhouse Doll’s house
Dolor Dolour
Dominos (pl) Dominoes (pl)
Donut Doughnut
Dormitory (university) Hall of residence (university)
Dorms Halls
Double sirloin Baron of beef
Dour Dour
Dove (past tense: dive) Dived (past tense: dive)
Downplay (adj.) Play down (adj.)
Downpour [not: downpor] Downpour

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Downpour Spate
downspouts Downpipes
Downtown City centre
Downward Downwards
Dr. Dr
Draft (air) Draught (air)
Draft Conscription
Drafted Conscripted/Called up
Drafty Draughty
Dramatize Dramatise
Draughtboard Checkerboard
Dream, Dreamed, Dreamed Dream, Dreamt, Dreamt
Dress Circle (theater) Mezzanine (theatre)
Dress circle Balcony
Dresser Chest of drawers
Driver Motorist
Driver’s licence Driving licence
Drug cheat Drugs cheat
Drug store Pharmacy
Drugstore Chemist/Chemist’s
Dry goods store Haberdashery
Dryer Drier
Dryly Drily
Drywall Plasterboard

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Dueling Duelling
Dump Tip
Dump trunk Tipper lorry
DumpsterTM Skip
Duodecillion AE n+39 zeros Duodecillion BE n+72 zeros
Duplex Semi-detached
Dwell, Dwelled, Dwelled Dwell, Dwelt, Dwelt



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