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British English to American English: Letter O


OAP (Old-Age Pensioner) Senior Citizen (Senior cit.)
Ochre Ocher
Octillion BE n+48 zeros Octillion AE n+27
Octodecillion BE n+108 zeros Octodecillion AE n+57 zeros
Odds on [betting] = better than even
Odour Odor
Oedema Edema
Oesophageal  Esophageal
Oesophagus  Esophagus
Oestrogen  Estrogen
Off licence/wine merchant  Liquor store
Offence  Offense
Offenceless Offenseless
Oftener More often
Old Age Pensioner/OAP Senior Citizen
Old boy/girl network =
Omelette  Omelet
O.n.o = or nearest offer
On (people ~ a/the course) In (people ~ a/the course)
One/Oneself One/Oneself (not widely used in US)

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One-off (adj.) One-time (adj.)
On offer On sale
Operating theatre Operating room
Orchestra pit Parquet (theater)
Ordinary share Share of Common stock
Ordinary stock common stock
Orientate (v.) Orient (v.)
Orientated Oriented
Organisation  Organization
Organisers Organizers
Orthopaedics Orthopeadics
Opposite (location) Across from (location)
Optimise Optimize
Optrician Optometrist
Organise Organize
Osteopath/Chiropractor Chiropractor
Ostracise Ostracize
Outmanoeuvre Outmaneuver

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Oven mitts  Potholders
Overalls/Dungerees Overalls
Overdraft = 
Overhead lockers Overhead bins
Overhead railway Elevated railroad
Overtake  Pass
Oxidise Oxidize


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