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American English to British English: Letter T


Tabor Tabour
Tag Label
Take (a swim, walk etc) Have (a swim, walk etc)
Takeout Takeaway
Tantalize Tantalise
Tea cart Tea trolley
Teeter-totter See-saw
Telephone booth Telephone box
Telephone Jack Telephone socket
Telephone pole Telegraph pole
Teleprompter AutocueTM
Tenement = low-quality apartment building Tenement = rented room/apt
Terrorize Terrorise
Theater Theatre
Theatergoer Theatregoer
Theorize Theorise
Thermos flask Vacuum flask
Think Reckon
Third floor Second floor
Thirty-second note Demisemiquaver
Thread Cotton
Three-way Threesome
Thrive, Throve, Thriven Thrive, Thrived, Thrived
Thrown silk Net silk
Thru (road signs) Through
Thumbtack Drawing pin
Tic-tac-toe Noughts and crosses (game)

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Ticket office Booking office
Tidbit Titbit
Tie (sports) Draw (sports)
Timber Lumber
Timber Undressed timber
Timetable Schedule
Tinfoil Silver foil
Tinging Tingeing
Tire Tyre
Tonne = 2000lb Short tonne
Totaled Totalled
Totaling Totalling
Toxemia Toxaemia
Track and Field Athletics
Track team Athletics team
Tractor-trailer truck Articulated lorry
Trade Swap
Traffic circle/Rotary Roundabout
Traffic cone Bollard
Traffic jam/back-up Tailback
Trailer park Caravan park
Train conductor Train guard
Train station Railway station
Training wheels Stabilisers (bike)
Tranquilize Tranquillise
Tranquilizing Tranquillising
Transmission Bearbox
Transom Fanlight
Transportation costs Transport costs
Transportation Transport
Trapezoid Trapezium
Trash bag Bin liner/Bin bag
Trash/Garbage (food waste) Rubbish = waste
Traumatize Traumatise
Traveled  Travelled
Traveler Traveller
Traveling  Travelling
Tredecillion AE n+42 zeros Tredecillion BE n+78 zeros
Tremor Tremor
Trillion 10pwr12 Trillion BE 10pwr18
Trip Journey
Triple Treble
Tripling  Trebling

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Trivialize Trivialise
Truck Lorry
Trunk Boot
Tumor Tumour
Tuneled Tunnelled
Tunneling Tunnelling
Turning (grey/stale) Stl. [rarely ‘go’] Go/Going (grey/stale) Stl.
Turnip/rutabaga Swede
turnover = staff leaving turnover = revenue
Turnpike Toll motorway
Turtle neck Polo neck
Tuxedo Dinner jacket
Twinging Twingeing
Tyrannize Tyrannise



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