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British English to American English: Letter B


Bsc.  B.s.
Baby’s bottle Baby bottle
Baby’s pram Baby pram
Back Bench(er) =
Back garden Backyard
Backwards Backward
Back straight (horse racing) Backstretch
Bag (paper ~) Sack (paper ~)
Balaclava Ski mask
Balcony Dress circle
Bale out Bail out
Banister or bannister  Banister
Bank holiday Public holiday
Bank note  Bill
Bank teller Bank clerk
Bank-book*  Pass-book
Banking account Bank account

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Bap  Bun
Baptise Baptize
Bar (music) Measure (music)
Barbecue Barbeque
Baron of beef Double sirloin
Barrage = burst torrent stream
Barrelled Barreled
Barrelling Barreling
Barrister Lawyer
Basin = bathroom sink
Basketballer Basketball player
Bat (ping pong)  Paddle (table tennis)
Bath  Bathtub/tub
Bath/shower (had/have) Bath/shower (take/took)
Bathe (v.) = swim Bathe (v.) = take a bath
Battleaxe Battleax
Baulk  Balk
Bank Holiday Holiday (public ~)
Bedsit = comb living bedroom Studio apartment
Beef tea Beef boullion
Beetroot Beet
Behaviour Behavior
Behavioural Behavioral
Behaviourism Behaviorism
Behove  Behoove
Behind In Back of/Behind
Belabour Belabor
Bellboy Bellhop
Benefited Benefitted
Benefiting Benefitting
Benefits (on ~) Welfare (on ~)
Bent (corrupt) Crooked (corrupt)
Bese mince ? ground round
Bespoke Custom-made
Best mince Ground round
Betting shop licensed bookmaker
Bevelled Beveled
Bevelling Beveling
Big dipper, roller coaster  Roller coaster

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Bill (restaurant) Check (restaurant)
Bill (invoice) Account (invoice)
Bin liner/Bin bag Trash bag
Bingeing Binging
Bird ring Bird band
Biscuit  Cookie
Bitter = fresh-tasting beer made with hops
Blackout (power) Outage (power)
Black pudding Blood pudding
Black treacle Molasses
Blend together Meld together
Blighter =
Blind (window)  Shade (window)
Blinkers Blinders
Block (building) Block (area between streets)
Bloke Guy
Blonde (red) Strawberry Blonde
Blowy Windy
Bobsleigh Bobsled
Boffin =
Bogie = railway undercarriage set
Boiler (plumbing) Water heater (plumbing)
Boiler suit Coveralls
Bollard Traffic cone
Boloney baloney
Bonnet  Hood
Book v. Make a reservation
Booking n. Reservation
Booking office Ticket office
Bookshop Bookstore
Book society Book club
Boot Trunk
Bootlace =  
Botanise Botanize
Bottom Fanny
Bottom gear Low gear
Brace (a ~) teeth Braces (teeth)
Braces  Suspenders
Brackets Parentheses
Bread bin Breadbox
Break (school)  Recess (school)
Breathalyse Breathalyze
Breeze block Cinder block
Brent goose Brant goose
Brickfield Brickyard
Bring up (children) Raise (children)
Briton/Brit Britisher
Broad bean Lima bean
Brook Creek
Brought up (children are ~) Raised (children are ~)
Brutalise Brutalize
B.Sc. B.S.
Building society Savings and loan

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Bulldog clip Binder clip
Bumf =
Burgled Burglarized
Burnt  Burned
Bursary Scholarship
Bus/Coach Bus/Bus
Buses Busses
Bushel = 2,219 cub in  Bushel = 2,150 cu in
Busker Street musician
Butter muslin cheesecloth
Bye law  Bylaw/Ordinance



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