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American English to British English: Letter N


Nail polish Nail varnish
Napkin Serviette
Narc Nark
Nation’s capital Country’s capital
Nationalize Nationalise
Naturalize Naturalise
Nautical mile Admiralty mile
Neighbor Neighbour
Neuron Neurone
News stand/Newsdealer Newsagent
Neytralize Neutralise
Night stick Truncheon
Nightgown Nightdress

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Nightstick /billyclub (infml) Truncheon
Nipple on baby bottle Teat
Niter Nitre
nondefining Non-defining
Nonjudgmental Non-judgemental
Normalcy Normality
Normalize Normalise
Northward Northwards
Nose Hooter
Notarize Notarise
Noticeable Noticeable
Novemdecillion AE n+60 zeros Novemdecillion BE n+114 zeros





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