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British English to American English: Letter E


Each way bet = win, place or show
Earth (wire) Ground wire
Earthing (elec.) Grounding (elec.)
Eastwards Eastward
Economise Economize
Economy (class) Coach (class)
Eiderdown Comforter/quilt
Elastic band Rubber band
Electric fire Electric heater
Electrical tape Electrician's tape
Empanel Impanel
Empathise  Empathize
Emphasise  Emphasize
Emphasising Emphasizing
Enclose Inclose
Encrust Incrust
Encyclopaedia Encyclopedia
Encyclopaedic Encyclopedic
Endeavour Endeavor
Endorse Indorse
Energise Energize
Enfold Infold
Engaged (phone) Busy (phone)
Enjoin = to order by law
Enrol  Enroll
Enroled  Enrolled
Enroling  Enrolling
Enrolment  Enrollment
Enrols  Enrolls

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Ensure Insure
Entrée Appetizer
Envisage Envision
Equalise Equalize
Equals Equals
Equalled Equaled
Equalling Equaling
Ending (fy year-) Ended (fy year-)
Enquire = ask Inquire = ask
Enquiries Inquiries
Enquiry Inquiry
Ensure Insure
Enthral Enthrall
Enthralling Enthraling
Entrée Appetizer
Envelop (v.) Envelop
Envelope (n.) Envelop
Envisage Envision
Epilogue Epilog
Epitomise Epitomize
Equalled Equaled
Equalling Equaling

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AE Escrow =
Estate  Project
Estate agency Realty
Estate agent Realtor
Estate car Station wagon
Exam (sit an ~) Exam (take an ~)
Excelling Excelling
Excess (insurance) Deductible (insurance)
Exclamation mark Exclamation point
Ex-directory Unlisted number
Exit ramp Off-ramp
Exorcise Exorcize
Expat =
Expelled Expelled?
Externalise Externalize
Extractor fan Exhaust fan


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