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American English to British English: Letter O


Oarlock Rowlock
Oatmeal Porridge
Ocher Ochre
Octillion AE n+27 Octillion BE n+48 zeros
Octodecillion AE n+57 zeros Octodecillion BE n+108 zeros
Odometer Mileometer
Odor Odour
Off-ramp Exit ramp
Offense Offence
Offenseless Offenceless
Office/practice (doctor’s/dentist’s ~) Surgery (doctor’s/dentist’s ~)
Oil pan Sump
Oilcloth American cloth
Omelet Omelette
On (Americans live on a street) In (Britons live in a street)
On (weekends/the weekend) At (weekends/the weekend)
On sale On offer
On/over (the weekend) At (the weekend)

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One way (ticket) Single (ticket)
One-time (adj.) One-off (adj.)
One/Oneself (not widely used in US) One/Oneself
Op Ed page Leader & opinion page
Operating room Operating theatre
Optimize Optimise
Optometrist Optrician
Orchestra Stalls
Organization Organisation
Organize Organise
Organizers Organisers
Orient (v.) Orientate (v.)
Oriented Orientated
Orthopedics Orthopaedics

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Ostracize Ostracise
Outage (power) Blackout (power)
Outmaneuver Outmanoeuvre
Overalls Dungarees
Overalls Overalls/Dungerees
Overhead bins Overhead lockers
Overpass Flyover
Oxidize Oxidise



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