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British English to American English: Letter P


Pack of cards  Deck of cards
Packets Packages, packs, packs of
Pedestrian crossin crosswalk
Pedlar Peddler
Paediatrician Pediatrician
Paediatrics  Pediatrics
Paedophile  Pedophile
Palae- Pale-
Palaeo- Paleo-
Pancake Crepe
Panelled  Paneled
Panelling Paneling
Panellist  Panelist
Pantomime/panto = christmas plays for children 
Pants  Shorts (underwear)
Pants/knickers Panties
Paper round Paper route
Paraffin  Kerosene
Parallel Parallel
Parallelled Paralleled
Parallelling Paralleling
Paralyse Paralyze
Parental leave Family leave

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Parcel/packet  Package
Parcelled parceled
Parcelling Parceling
Parking bay Parking stall
Parlour  Parlor
Party conference Party congress
Pasteurise Pasteurize
Patience (cards) Solitaire (cards)
Patronise Patronize
Pavement  Sidewalk
Pay rise Raise
Peckish = hungry
Pedagogue Pedagog
Pedestrian crossing Crosswalk
Pedlar Peddler
Peep Peek
Peep show Peek show
Pelmet Valance
Personalise Personalize
Penalise Penalize
Penalty Citation
Pensioner Senior
Per cent Percent
Percentage Percentage
Perhaps Maybe
Perspex Plexiglass
Petrol  Gas/Gasoline
#People Folks
Pharmacy Drug store
Phenobarbitone Phenobarbital
Phial Vial
Philtre Philter
Photocopy XeroxTM
Photolyse Photolyze
Photosynthesise Photosynthesize

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Pig Hog
Pigmy Pygmy
Pile Stack
Pillar box  Mailbox
Pimento Pimiento
Pincers Pinchers
Pint = 34.68 cubic in Pint = 28.87 cu in
Piping Pipes
Placeman =
Plagiarise Plagiarize
Plait Braid
Planning permission Building permit
Plaster Band-AidTM
Plasterboard Drywall
Play down (adj.) Downplay (adj.)
Plc Publicly traded company
Pleaded  Pled
Plimsoll =
Plonk Cheap wine
Plot (of land) Lot
Plough  Plow
Pluralise Pluralize
Plyers Pliers
Pocket money Allowance
Polarise Polarize
Polemise Polemize
Politicise Politicize
Polo neck Turtle neck
Polystyrene Styrofoam
Polythene Polyethylene
Polyzoa Bryozoa
Popularised Popularized
Poorly Sick/unwell
Porridge Oatmeal
Porter Bellboy/doorman
Post *** Mail ***
Postal order Money order
Post bag Mail Bag
Postbox Mailbox
Postcode  Zip code
Postgraduate Student Graduate Student
Postillion Postilion
Postman  Mailman
Postman  Mail man
Postpone  Raincheck
Pot plant Potted plant
Potter about Putter about

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Poulterer =
Pound (sign) UK=£ US=#  British pound = £
Power point  Socket/outlet
Practice (verb)  Practise
Practise (noun)  Practice
Pram, pushchair Buggy/baby carriage
Prawn cocktail Shrimp cocktail
Preference share = A share of preference stock
Preference stock
Prejudgement Prejudgment
Prejudgemental Prejudgmental
Pre-release Prerelease
Press (is/are/has/have) S/P Press (is/has) S/P
Press cutting (service) Clipping (service)
Press-up Push up
Pressurise Pressurize
Pretence  Pretense
Primary school Elementary /Grade school
Principal (college) President/Dean (college)
Prioritise Prioritize
Prise v. Prize v.
Prison  Penitentiary
Private member = (parlia.)
Privatisation Privatization
Privatise Privatize
Prize n. Prize n.
Professor = senior academic Professor = senior teacher/lecturer
Professor Full Professor
Program (v. ~ a computer) Program (v. ~ a computer)
Programme (n.) Program
Programmed Programed
Programmes Programs
Programming Programing
Prologue Prolog
Prologued Prologed
Prologues Prologs
Prologuing Prologing
Prologuise Prologize
Promenade Boardwalk
Propel Propel
Propelled Propelled???
Propelling Propelling
Prostitute  Hooker
Proved (past tense: prove) Proven (past tense: prove)
Pte. (army)  Pvt. (army)
Pub Bar
Publican =
Public (the ~ have/has) S/P Public (the ~ has) S/P
Public/private school  Private school
Public prosecutor District attorney
Public school Private school/Prep School

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Public toilet Restroom
Public transport Mass transit
Publicise Publicize
Pudding  Dessert
Pummelled Pummeled
Pummelling Pummeling
Punch-up  fight
Puncture Flat
Punnet =
Punt Bet
Punter Client, customer
Punter 1. Someone placing a bet 2. Col. Client  
Pupil = kid/s at school Pupil = private pupil (lessons)
Purse = small female wallet Purse = handbag/larger wallet
Pushbike = bicycle
Pushchair  Stroller
Put through (a call)  Connect
Pyjamas  Pajamas


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