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American English to British English: Letter W


Wagon  Waggon or wagon
Wall-to-wall carpet Fitted carpet
Wash cloth (face) Flannel (face)
Wash up = hands, face, body Wash up = pots, pans, dishes
Water heater (plumbing) Boiler (plumbing)
Water heater Immersion heater
Welfare (on ~) Benefits (on ~)
Well dressed Smart/well dressed
Westernize Westernise
Westward Westwards
Wet Wetted
While (Whilst = limited use in the US) Whilst = UK formal
Whine/complain Whinge
Whir Whirr
Whiskey Whisky
Whole note Semibreve
Wholewheat Wholemeal
Wildcat strike Unofficial strike

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Willful Wilful
Windshield Windscreen
Windshield wiper Screen wiper
Windy Blowy
With (consult ~) Consult
With (meet ~) Meet
Without (a) doubt (not formal) Without doubt
Womanize Womanise
Woodshop Woodwork
Woolen Woollen
Worn out Knackered
Worshiped Worshipped
Worshiping Worshipping
Wreck Crash
Write me Write to me





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