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British English to American English: Letter Q


Quadrillion BE 1+24 zeros (AE Septillion) Quadrillion AE 1+15 zeros
Quart DRY = 69.4 ci 
Quart LIQ =
Quaver Eight note
Queue  Line
Queue  Stand in line
Quarrelled Quarreled
Quarreller Quarreler
Quarrelling Quarreling

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Quattuordecillion BE n+84 zeros Quattuordecillion AE n+45 zeros
Quieten = to make quiet 
Quiff =
Quilt Comforter
Quindecillion BE n+90 zeros Quindecillion AE n+48 zeros
Quintillion BE n+30 zeros Quintillion AE n+18 zeros
Qu’ran/Koran Koran






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