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American English to British English: Letter R


racetrack Racecourse (horses)
Radio tube Valve
Rail track Railway line
Railroad car Railway carriage
Railroad Railway
Railway freight yard Goods yard
Rain coat Mackintosh
Raincheck Postpone
Raise (children) Bring up (children)
Raise Pay rise
Raised (children are ~) Brought up (children are ~)
Raisin Sultana
Rambunctious Rumbustious
ramp, Off-ramp, exit ramp Slip road
Rancor Rancour
Randomize Randomise
Rappell/rapel?? Abseil
Rationalize Rationalise
Re- (see hyphenation) Re- (see hyphenation)
Realizable Realisable
realization Realisation
Realize Realise
Realtor Estate agent
Realty Estate agency

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Reappoint Re-appoint
Recess (school) Break (school)
Recognize Recognise
Reconnoiter Reconnoitre
Reforestation Reafforestation*
Refueling Refuelling
Regular Normal
Remodeling Remodelling
Rend, rended, rended Rend, rent, rent
Renege Renegue
Rent a car Hire a car
Rent/Rent out (property) Let/Let out (property)
Rental cars Hire cars
Reorganize Reorganise
Repair Mend
Reservation Booking n.
Restrictive clause Defining clause
Restroom Public toilet
Resume Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Resume CV
Retail business Retail trade
Revitalize Revitalise
Revolutionize Revolutionise
Rhinestone Diamante
Rhinoceros Rhino
Ricocheted Ricochetted
Ricocheting Ricochetting

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Right away (straightaway) Straight away
Rigor Rigour
Ritualize Ritualise
Rivaled Rivalled
Rivaling Rivalling
Riveted Rivetted
Riveting Rivetting
Rock Stone
Roller coaster Big dipper, roller coaster
Romanticize Romanticise
Roomer Lodger
Roster/schedule Rota
Round-trip ticket Return ticket
Routing Routeing
Routinize Routinise
Row boat Rowing boat
Row house Terrace house
Rubber band Elastic band
Rubber Contraceptive

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Rubbing alcohol Surgical spirit
Ruble Rouble
Ruckus Rumpus
Rummage sale Jumble sale
Rumor Rumour
Run (in stockings) Ladder (in stockings)
Run for office/election Stand for office/election



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