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American English to British English: Letter A


About-face About-turn
Absolutize Absolutise
Absorbent cotton Cotton wool
Accessorize Accessorise
Acclimatization Acclimatisation
Acclimatize/acclimate Acclimatise
Acclimatized Acclimatised
Acclimatizing Acclimatising
Accommodate Compromise
Accommodations Accomodation
Account (invoice) Bill (invoice)
Accounting Accountancy
Accouter Accoutre
Acidize Acidise
Acknowledgable Acknowledgeable
Acknowledging Acknowledgeing
Acknowledgment Acknowledgement
Across from (location) Opposite (location)
Actualize Actualise
Ad Advert
Adapter Adaptor
Administration  Government
Adult Education Further Education
Advertise (or advertize) Advertise
Advertising (or advertizing) Advertising
Advertizement Advertisement
Advisor/s Adviser/s
AE Escrow =
Afterward Afterwards
Agee Ajee
Ageless Ageless
Aggrandize Aggrandise
Aggrandized Aggrandised
Aggrandizement Aggrandisement
Aggrandizing Aggrandising

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Aging Ageing
Agism Ageism
Agist Ageist
Agonize Agonise
Agonized Agonised
Agonizing Agonising
Agonizingly Agonisingly
Ahold Hold??
Airdrome Aerodrome
Airfoil Aerofoil
Airplane Aeroplane
Airway bill Air consignment note
All (of) All
Allegorization Allegorisation
Allegorize Allegorise
Allegorized Allegorised
Allegorizing Allegorising
Alligator clip Crocodile clip
Allowance Pocket money
Allowance race Acceptance race
Alphabetize Alphabetise
Alphabetized Alphabetised
Alphabetizing Alphabetising
Alright All right
Also, too As well
Alternate [sometimes] Alternative
Aluminum Aluminium
Alumnus Alumn??
Alumnus Graduate
Amaze Amaze
Amazing Amazing
Amazingly Amazingly
Ambience Ambiance
Ameba Amoeba
Americanization Americanisation
Amidships Amidship
Amortizable Amortiseable
Amortize Amortise
Amortized Amortised
Amortizing Amortising
Amphitheater Amphitheatre
Amusement park Funfair

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Analog (comp.) Analogue
Analogize Analogise
Analogizing Analogising
Analyzable Analyseable
Analyze Analyse
Analyzing Analysing
Anathematization Anathematisation
Anathematize Anathematise
Anathematizing Anathematising
Anatomized Anatomised
Anatomizing Anatomising
Anchorman/news presenter Newsreader
Anemia Anaemia
Anemic Anaemic
Anesthesia Anaesthesia
Anesthetization Anaesthetisation
Anesthetize Anaesthetise
Anesthetized Anaesthetised
Anesthetizing Anaesthetising
Angilcized Anglicised
Anglicizing Anglicising
Annex Annexe/annex
Anodize Anodise
Answering machine Answerphone
Antagonize Antagonise
Antagonizing Antagonising
Antagonizingly Antagonisingly
Antenna Aerial
 Anti- [*see anti-]
Antisocial Anti-social
Anymore Any more
Anyplace Anywhere
Apartment block/building Flats (block of ~)
Apartment Flat
Apartment hotel Service flats
Apologize Apologise
Apologizing Apologising

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Appall Appal
Appalled Appalled
Appalling Appalling
Appalls Appals
Appeal the Appeal (against) the
Appetizer Appetiser
Appetizer Entrée
Appetizer Entrée
Appetizer Starter
 Approved school =
Arbor Arbour
Archeological Archaeological
Archeology Archaeology
Are you finished? Are you through?
Area code Dialling code
Argument/argue Row
Armor Armour
Armored car Armoured truck
Armory Armoury
Army (is) S/P Army (are) S/P
Around (the corner) Round (the corner)
Artifact Artefact
arugula, rugola Rocket (veg.)
Ash can Ash tray
Aside (~ from) stl./apart from Apart (~ from) stl.
Asphalt Tarmac ™
Assistant Professor Lecturer
Assistant to chef Commis Chef
Associate professor Reader
At/in (University) At (university)

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ATM Cashpoint, hole in the wall
Attendees Attenders
Attorney Lawyer
Authorization Authorisation
Authorize Authorise
Automaker Carmaker
Automatization Automatisation
Automobile Car
Autonomous Autonomous
Ax Axe
Axing Axeing



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