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American English to British English: Letter E


Eastward Eastwards
Economize Economise
Edema Oedema
Editorial (~ article) Leader (~ article)
Egg roll Spring roll
Eggplant Aubergine
Eight note Quaver
Electric heater Electric fire
Electrician's tape Electrical tape
Electrician's tape Insulating tape
Elementary /Grade school Primary school
Elementary School (7-11???) Junior School (7-11)
Elevated railroad Overhead railway
Elevator Lift
Emergency Room (ER) Accident & Emergency (A&E)
Empathize Empathise
Emphasize Emphasise
Emphasizing Emphasising
Encyclopedia Encyclopaedia
Encyclopedic Encyclopaedic

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Endeavor Endeavour
Ended (fy year-) Ending (fy year-)
Energize Energise
Enroll Enrol
Enrolled Enroled
Enrolling Enroling
Enrollment Enrolment
Enrolls Enrols
Enthraling Enthralling
Enthrall Enthral
Entire function Integral function
Entrée Main course
Envelop Envelop (v.)
Envelop Envelope (n.)
Envision Envisage
Envision Envisage
Epilog Epilogue
Epitomize Epitomise
Equaled Equalled
Equaled Equalled
Equaling Equalling
Equaling Equalling
Equalize Equalise

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Equipment Kit
Eraser Rubber
Esophageal Oesophageal
Esophagus  Oesophagus
Esthete Aesthete
Esthetic/s Aesthetic/s
Esthetically Aesthetically
Estrogen Oestrogen
Ether Aether
Exam (take an ~) Exam (sit an ~)
Excelling Excelling
Exclamation point Exclamation mark
Exhaust fan Extractor fan

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Exorcize Exorcise
Expelled? Expelled
Expiration date Sell-by date
Extension cord/elecrical wire Flex
Externalize Externalise
Eyeglasses Spectacles



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