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American English to British English: Letter F


Factorize Factorise
Faculty Staff (academic)
Fagot Faggot
Fair Show
Fall Autumn
Familiarize Familiarise
Family leave Parental leave
Fanny Bottom
Fantasize Fantasise
Farewell party Leaving party (infml. leaving do)
Faucet or tap Tap
Favor Favour
Favorite  Favourite
Favoritism Favouritism
Fecal Faecal
Feces Faeces
Feminize Feminise
Fences #Fencing
Fender (car) Wing (car)

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Fender Mudguard
ferrier Farrier
Fertilize Fertilise
Fervor Fervour
Fetus Foetus
Fiber Fibre
Fictionalize Fictionalise
Fielder Fieldsman
fight Punch-up
Figure out (something) Work out (something)
Filet Fillet
fillet/tenderloin of beef Undercut
Finalize Finalise
Financial news desk City desk
Financial news editor City editor
Fire department Fire Brigade
Fire truck Fire engine
Firecracker Firework
Firehouse Fire station
First balcony Upper circle
First floor Ground floor
First name/Given name Christian name*
Fish seller Fishmonger

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Fish sticks Fish fingers
Fishing pole Fishing rod
Fit (past tense: fit) Fitted (past tense: fit)
Fix something Mend something
Flashlight Torch
Flat Puncture
Flatware Cutlery
Flavor Flavour
Flavors Flavouring
Flextime Flexitime
Flier Flyer
Flotation Floatation
Fluid ounce = 1.80 cu in Fluid ounce = 1.73 cu in
Flutist Flautist
Flyover Flypast
Folks #People
Folks Folks (no use in the UK)
Fond of Keen on
Font Fount (pl. of font)
Football American Football
Football game Football match
Football player Footballer
For Rent To Let
Forecast, Forecast, Forecast Forecast, Forecasted, Forecasted
Forgo Forego
Formalize Formalise
Fortnight (no use in the US) 14 days Fortnight
Foundry type Founder’s type
Four way stop, intersection Cross roads
Four wheel drive Four by four
Fraternize Fraternise
Freeway (West US) Motorway
Freight elevator Goods lift

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Freight Goods
Freight train Goods train
Freight truck Goods truck
french doors French windows
French fries/Fries Chips
Freshman Undergraduate (1st year ~)
Frivoled Frivolled
Frivoler Frivoller
Frivoling Frivolling
Front desk Reception
Frontage road Service road
Frosting Icing
Fry pan Skillet, frying-pan
Fry-pan  Frying pan
Fryer fryer Frier,
Fueled Fuelled
Fueling Fuelling
Fulfill Fulfil
Fulfilled Fulfilled
Fulfilling Fulfilling
Fulfilling SAME Fulfilling
Fulfillment Fulfilment
Fulfills Fulfils
Full Professor Professor

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Fulness Fullness
Funeral director/mortician Undertaker
Furnace Central heating boiler
Furor Furore



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