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British English to American English: Letter F


Factorise Factorize
Faecal Fecal
Faeces Feces
Faggot Fagot
Fair Carnival
Fairy cake Cup cake
Familiarise Familiarize
Fancy dress party Costume party
Fanlight Transom
Fantasise Fantasize
Farrier ferrier
Father Christmas Santa Claus
Favour  Favor
Favourite  Favorite
Favouritism Favoritism
Feminise Feminize
Fencing Fences
Fertilise Fertilize
Fervour Fervor
Fibre  Fiber
Fictionalise Fictionalize

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Fieldsman Fielder
Fillet Filet
Film  Movie
Finalise Finalize
Fire Brigade Fire department
Fire station Firehouse
Fire engine Fire truck
Firework Firecracker
First floor Second floor
Fishing rod Fishing pole
Fish fingers Fish sticks
Fishmonger  Fish seller
Fitted (past tense: fit) Fit (past tense: fit)
Fitted carpet Wall-to-wall carpet
Fiver = a 5 denomination banknote
Fizzy drink, pop, softdrink Soda
Flammable liquid Combustible liquid
Flannel (face) Wash cloth (face)
Flat Apartment
Flats (block of ~) Apartment block/building
Flavour Flavor
Flavouring Flavors
Flautist  Flutist
Flex Extension cord/elecrical wire
Flexitime Flextime
Flick knife Switchblade
Floatation Flotation
Fluid ounce = 1.73 cu in Fluid ounce = 1.80 cu in
Flurry Blizzard
Flyer Flier
Flyover Overpass
Flypast Flyover
Foetus  Fetus
Folks (no use in the UK) Folks
Founder’s type Foundry type
Fount (pl. of font) Font
Foolscap =
Football Soccer
Footballer Football player
Football match Football game

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Foot the bill Bankroll
Footpath  Sidewalk
Footpath  Sidewalk
Forecast, Forecasted, Forecasted Forecast, Forecast, Forecast
Forego Forgo
Form (first) Grade (first)
Form (second) Grade (second)
Form (third) Grade (third)
Form (fourth) Grade (fourth)
Formalise Formalize
Fortnight Fortnight (no use in the US) 14 days
Four by four Four wheel drive
Founder member Charter member
Foyer Lobby
Fraternise Fraternize
Freight wagon Boxcar
Free diving skin diving
Freezer Deep freeze
French windows french doors
Frier,  Fryer fryer
Fringe Bangs
Frivolled Frivoled
Frivoller Frivoler
Frivolling Frivoling
Fruiterer =
Fruit machine  Slot machine
Frying pan Fry-pan
Fuelled Fueled
Fuelling Fueling
Fulfil  Fulfill
Fulfilled Fulfilled
Fulfilling Fulfilling
Fulfilment  Fulfillment
Fulfilling Fulfilling SAME
Fulfils Fulfills

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Full marks = "excellent"
Full stop/Full point Period
Fullness Fulness
Funfair Amusement park
Funny bone Crazy bone
Furore Furor
Further Education Adult Education



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