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British English to American English: Letter D


Daft Crazy/stupid
Decillion = AE The cardinal number equal to 1033 / BE 10pwr1060
De-ice (car) Defrost (car)
De luxe Deluxe
Defence  Defense
Defenceless  Defenseless
Defining clause Restrictive clause
Demagogue Demagog
Demeanour Demeanor
Demisemiquaver Thirty-second note
Demolish Bulldoze
Demoralise Demoralize
Denizen = a foreigner granted residency rights or citizenship
Deodorise Deodorize
Dependants Dependents
Deposit (luggage)  Check (luggage)
Deputise Deputize
Desiccated coconut Shredded coconut
Detour Detour
Devour Devour
Diaeresis Dieresis

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Dials Dials
Dialled Dialed
Dialling Dialing
Dialling code Area code
Dialling tone Dial tone
Dialogue  Dialogue/Dialog
Diamante Rhinestone
Diarrhoea  Diarrhea
Dietician Dietitian
Different (from) [written] Different than
Different (from/to) [spoken] Different than
Digitise Digitize
Dinner jacket Tuxedo
Directory Enquiries Information (telephone)
Dipped headlights Low beams
Disc (flat, round, paper) Disk (flat, round, paper)
Discolour Discolor
Discount Concession
Disfavour Disfavor
Dishcloth Dishrag
Dishevelled Disheveled
Dishonour Dishonor
Disk (computer ~) Disk (computer ~)
Disorganise Disorganize
Disorganised Disorganized
Dispatch or despatch  Dispatch
Display cabinet Hutch
Distil Distill
Distiller Distiller
District Precinct
District Nurse Visiting Nurse
Dive, dived, dived Dive, dove, dived
Dived (past tense: dive) Dove (past tense: dive)
Diversion Detour
Dodgy Suspect (v.)
Dog kennel Doghouse
Dolerite Diabase
Doll’s house Dollhouse
Dollop =  
Dolour Dolor
Dominoes (pl) Dominos (pl)
Don = head teacher, fellow or tutor at a university (esp Oxbridge)
Double bass (instr.) Bass viol/viola da gamba
Double cream Heavy cream
Doughnut  Donut
Dour Dour
Downpipes downspouts
Downpour  Downpour [not: downpor]
Downwards Downward
Dr  Dr.
Dramatise Dramatize
Drapes Curtains
Draught (air) Draft (air)

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Draughts Checkers
Draughtsman Daftsman
Draughty Drafty
Draw (sports) Tie (sports)
Drawing pin Thumbtack
Dream, Dreamt, Dreamt Dream, Dreamed, Dreamed
Dressed timber Lumber
Dressing-gown Bathrobe
Drier Dryer
Drily Dryly
Driving licence Driver’s licence
Drugs cheat Drug cheat
Dual carriageway Divided/Dual highway
Duelling Dueling
Dummy  Pacifier
Dungarees Overalls
Duodecillion (number + 72 zeros) Duodecillion (number +39 zeros)
Dustbin/bin Garbage can/trash can
Dustjacket / jacket Book cover
Duvet Comforter/large quilt
Dwell, Dwelt, Dwelt Dwell, Dwelled, Dwelled


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