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British English to American English: Letter C


Cabling cables
Caecitis  Cecitis
Caecum  Cecum
Caesarian/Caesarean cesarian/ cesarean
Café Cafe
Call-out fee House call/House call charge
Calibre Caliber
Callipers calipers
Calico = plain white cotton cloth Calico = brightly printed cotton cloth
Callisthenics Calisthenics
Cajolling Cajoling
Camp bed Cot
Cancelled  Canceled
Canceller Canceler
Cancelling Canceling
Cancels Cancels
Candidature Candidacy
Candy floss Cotton candy
Candour Candor
Cannot Can not
Canonise Canonize
Cantaloup Cantaloupe
Canteen Cafeteria
Cant hook Peavey/peavy
Capitalise Capitalize
Capsicum  Sweet pepper
Capsise/Capsize Capsize
Car Automobile
Carat Karat
Carboot sale swap meet
Carburettor Carburetor
Car park  Parking lot
Caravan Camper/trailer/Mobile home
Caravan park Trailer park
Carburettor Carburetor
Caretaker Janitor
Carmaker Automaker
Carnival Parade/Street carnival
Carrier bag Shopping bag
Cashpoint ATM
Cashier  Checker/teller clerk

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Cast a spell on Hex
Catalogue  Catalog
Catalogued  Cataloged
Cataloguer Cataloger
Catalogues  Catalogs
Cataloguing Cataloging
Catalyse  Catalyze
Catapult Slingshot
Categorise Categorize
Categorisation Categorization
Cauldron Caldron
Centenary Centennial
Centillion BE n+600 zeros Centillion AE n+303 zeros
Central heating boiler Furnace
Central reservation Median strip
Centralise Centralize
Centre/s  Center/s
Centreboard  Centerboard
Centrefold  Centerfold
Centrepiece Centerpiece
Centring  Centering
Characterise Characterize
Chartered Accountant =
Changing room Locker room
Channeller Channeler
Channelling Channeling
Check  Check
Checkerboard  Draughtboard
Chemist/Chemist’s Drugstore
Chemist Pharmacist
Cheque  Check
Chequered  Checkered
Chest of drawers Dresser
Chickpea Garbanzo
Chief Whip =
Chilli  Chili
Chili con carni Chilli con carne
Chips French fries/Fries
Christian name* First name/Given name
Cigarette  Cigaret
Cinema  Movies/Movie theater
Circular saw Buzz saw
Cissy sissy
Citrous (adjective) Citrus (adjective)
City = British equiv of Wall Street/”the Street”
City centre Downtown
City desk Financial news desk
City editor Financial news editor
Civilisation Civilization
Civilise Civilize

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Cladding = house materials, siding 
Clamour  Clamor
Clamourous Clamorous
Class school Grade (school)
Clingfilm Plastic wrap
Cloakroom  Checkroom
Cloakroom Checkroom
Close (street) Dead end (street)
Clothes peg Clothespin
Coach (inter-city ~) Bus
Coelom  Celom
Coenobite  Cenobite
Coffin Casket
College = non-university degree college
Colonisation Colonization
Colonise Colonize
Coloration Coloration
Colour  Color
Coloured Colored
Colouring Coloring
Colourise Colorize
Colorisation Colorization
Combatting Combating
Commercialisation Commercialization
Commercialise Commercialize
Commis Chef Assistant to chef
Commissionaire =
Committee (has/have) S/P Committee (has) S/P
Common Parkland
Company (has/have) S/P Company (has) S/P
Company Corporation
Compere Master of ceremonies
Compelling Compeling
Compassionate leave Bereavement/compassionate leave
Complaints form Complaint form
Compromise Accommodate
Compulsory Mandatory
Computerised Computerized
Concession Discount
Conservatoire Conservatory/Music school
Conscripted/Called up Drafted
Conscription Draft
Consignment of merchandise Bill of goods
Consol =
Constable Patrolman/officer
Constellation Constelation
Consult With (consult ~)
Contour Contour
Contraceptive Rubber
Controlling Controling
Convoy Caravan

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Co (company) Co. (company)
Co- (see hyphenation) Co- (see hyphenation)
Co-operate Cooperate
Co-operation Cooperation
Co-ordinate Coordinate
Co-ordination Coordination
Cooker Stove/Range
Cookery book Cook book
Co-owner Coowner
Coriander Cilantro
Corn (any grain) Grain (corn, wheat etc)
Corn flour Corn starch
Corp (corporation) Corp. (corporation)
Cosy  Cozy
Cot Crib
Cot Death Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SID)
Cotton bud Cotton swab
Cotton reel Spool
Cotton wool Absorbent cotton
Cotton Thread
Coupé Coupe
Courgette Zucchini
Court Courtroom
Councillor Councilor
Counsel  Counsel
Counsellable Counselable
Counselled  Counseled
Counselling  Counseling
Counsellor  Counselor
Counsellorship Counselorship
Counterfoil Stub/receipt
Country’s capital Nation’s capital
Courgette Zucchini
Cow pat Cow pie
Cosier Cozier
Cosiest Coziest
Cosily Cozily
Cosiness Coziness
Cosy Cozy
Cotton bud Cotton swab
Courgette Zucchini
Crabs Pubic Lice
Crackers = xmas crackers Crackers = fireworks
Crash Wreck
Crayfish (freshwater) Crawfish
Cream cracker  Soda cracker
Creature Critter
Credit note Credit receipt/slip
Crèche Daycare
Crocodile clip Alligator clip

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Crotchet Quarter note
Criminalise Criminalize
Crisps (Potato) chips
Criticise  Criticize
Criticising Criticizing
Cross roads Four-way stop, intersection
Crueller Crueler, crueller
Cruel/Nasty Mean
Cul-de-sac Dead end
Cupboard Closet
Current account Checking account
Curriculum Vitae (CV) Resume
Cutlass Cutlas
Cutlery Flatware
CV Resume



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