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American English to British English: Letter G


Gage Gauge
Gallicize Gallicise
Galvanize Galvanise
Game (football ~) Match (football ~)
Garbage can/trash can Dustbin/bin
Garbage Refuse
Garbanzo Chickpea
Garden hose Hosepipe
Garrote Garrotte
Garter belt Suspender belt
Garters Suspenders
Gas/Gasoline Petrol
Gasoline Gasolene
Gayety Gaiety
Gearshift Gear lever
Gelatin Gelatine
Generalization Generalisation
Generalize Generalise

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German shepherd Alsation
Get, Got, Gotten Get, Got, Got
Gift Certificate Gift Voucher
Girl scout Girl guide
Glamorize Glamourise???
Glamour (also glamor) Glamour
Gluing Glueing
Glycerin Glycerine
Goaltender Goalkeeper
Goiter Goitre
Gonorrhea Gonorrhoea
Goose bumps Goose pimples
Gospeler Gospeller
Gotten (past participle) Got (past participle)
Government (has) S/P Government (has/have) S/P
Grab bag Lucky dip
Gradable Gradeable
Grade (first) Form (first)
Grade (fourth) Form (fourth)
Grade (school) Class school
Grade (second) Form (second)
Grade (third) Form (third)
Grade crossing Level crossing
Graduate Student Postgraduate Student
Grain (corn, wheat etc) Corn (any grain)

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Gram Gramme
Granddad Grandad
Granny Grannie
Granola Muesli
Gray Grey
Greco- Graeco-
Greedy Hog
Green thumb Green fingers
Greenhouse Glasshouse
ground round Bese mince ?
Ground round Best mince
Ground wire Earth (wire)
Grounding (elec.) Earthing (elec.)
Grueling Gruelling
Guerrilla Guerilla
Guy Bloke
Gynecology Gynaecology
Gypsy Gipsy



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